Are you doing what your best boss did?


Gold stars all round

Gold-star-managerDo you remember the best boss you ever had? I imagine you do. Like a really good teacher at school, a good manager’s impact on us can be long lived.


What most of us remember about our favourite teacher can also be applied to good managers. Fairness, enthusiasm and making us feel as though we mattered and were understood are some of the key features of a memorable teacher.

Translate this to the manager role and a good manager can be measured by how they treat and connect with people and their ability to orchestrate and motivate the team. Technical ability will also be in the mix, but in balance with these other skills.


People want their managers to notice them and the work they do – simple.  Think of yourself back at school and how you felt when you were praised or rewarded. Most of us, even if we don’t want the limelight on us, flourish when our contribution is acknowledged.


Top marks for effort

trust-manager-bossAs a manager, you need to know what makes each of your team members tick. Relate to them as individuals and find out from them what the best way is to get them motivated. Finding a system that encourages and allows everyone to reach their own personal best is important to guard against demotivation. If you want to find out about Motivational Mapping for you or your team, contact me here.


Question: What one thing did your BEST BOSS do, that you wish all bosses did?


Action: Make sure you are doing it.


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