Customer Excellence

When some-one provides you with great service, I think that’s something you should feedback to them and tell others about too.  So, here’s my open letter to Zillah Gracie Brink of Sentimentality

Dear Zillah

I am so pleased I was listening to the local radio station the day I heard you being interviewed. You were talking about helping Psoriasis sufferers with your aromatherapy massage. You spoke gently with authenticity and passion – this was obviously something you cared about.
There was no time wasted in getting in touch with you. Since childhood I have had a patch of Psoriasis that has been difficult to manage and Steroids prescribed by GPs over the years have weakened the skin. I was looking for a gentler solution but had never heard of aromatherapy massage as being a possible solution despite going to many aromatherapy masseurs over the years.

Apart from this annoying patch of Psoriasis I had a more general skin problem; since my early 20’s I have had to ensure that my skin wasn’t exposed to sun for fear of quiet severe reaction.

Thank you for your excellent service.

This summer, for the first time since my 20’s I have been able to wear sleeveless clothing, my skin has not broken out in heat rash. I cannot tell you how this has affected my mind-set and my approach to the summer months.

I would recommend you for;zillah2

– Your massage with such care for, and knowledge of the aromatherapy oils
– your use of square breathing during your massage
– the holistic approach to the body and your advice and recommendation with regard to diet,   nutrients etc.

Thank you so much – Shari

You can find out more about Zillah and her business Sentimentality by linking to her website.

How great was that last session?!