Ready or not- make a start

  I’m not ready To make something happen we have to start. We may not feel ready, we may feel underprepared and scared. But sooner or later we have to act. In our home life or at work at some point we have to make a move. I’ve drawn on the latest scientific research about[…]

Do you allow yourself to dream big? I did

The most successful people are those who have a vision of what they want in their lives. As part of my  Resilience and Wellbeing programme, participants work on setting action plans to make their visions a reality. But without that first step set in the right direction, we could end up anywhere, and many of[…]

The view from an open mind is breath taking

Our ideas and positions about particular issues are developed through our past experiences and knowledge. Though carefully considered and relevant at the time they were set, these views can become blocks. We need to be careful that we don’t become confined by views we have about ourselves, our staff or the world around us.  I[…]

Feeling all bottled up – why not talk it out

One of the biggest pitfalls for managers and as I’ve learnt over the past few years, anyone who is self-employed – is isolation. Where we are responsible for managing people or projects we often expect ourselves to have all the answers. We may stay all bottled up because of a need to create an impression[…]

The office roof fell in – but she carried on typing

Ask a manager, any manager, if they have too much to do and too many distractions. The answer will surely be yes and yes again.   Who doesn’t find it difficult to focus at hectic times?   Distractions are mini-tests to prove our commitment You are hard at work; confidently working through your well prioritised[…]

Whilst at work she imagines swinging in a sky blue hammock – should we sack her?

Take three deep breaths Many of you as busy managers will have full work and personal lives and regularly set yourselves targets of action. I’d like to suggest that alongside your “to do” list you pin up a simple “to be” list. I have found that managers can feel there is never enough time, but[…]