Saying goodbye

You’re feeling good! You have a full team. No vacant positions – yippee! Not only that, they’re all trained up, they get on together and work well. When you think of what you’ve achieved together you’re overcome with pride. Then the unthinkable happens. One of them hands in their notice, they’ve decided they need to[…]

Link to a refreshing read

I was delighted to come across an article recently which, rather than promote the virtues of the well-established personality test, MBTI, gave an alternative view. What a refreshing read. MBTI (Myers -Briggs Type Indicator) is a tool which categorises you into one of 16 distinctive personality types. I’ve often struggled with being put into a[…]

Emotional Intelligence – a fuzzy term with serious business meaning

  What’s it all about? Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one of those terms that has increased in popularity over the last ten years or so; I imagine this is because there is more awareness in the business community both of its meaning and its application. The term was first brought to our attention by Daniel[…]