Spreading the word – NOW is the time to build your skills in resilience

Whenever I get an opportunity to talk about the importance of building resilience skills to a group of professionals – I take it. It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to Lawyers, Accountants, Vets or Entrepreneurs, the messages are the same and they are needed more now than ever before. At a time when the pace[…]

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Work is play when you’re inspired. When things feel effortless; that spreadsheet finished – bing, that email replied to – bang, and that meeting all prepared for – bong. Feel’s great. Wonderful. In fact on good days like these you might find it hard to think it’s ever different. Where do you get your inspiration[…]

Whilst at work she imagines swinging in a sky blue hammock – should we sack her?

Take three deep breaths Many of you as busy managers will have full work and personal lives and regularly set yourselves targets of action. I’d like to suggest that alongside your “to do” list you pin up a simple “to be” list. I have found that managers can feel there is never enough time, but[…]