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When things become too much and you feel stressed and overwhelmed, where do you go for comfort? Let’s face it, there are so many reasons life can feel out of control, just the constant ‘ping’, ‘ping’ of emails or just one more request from a manager who is over-stretched themselves can send us into panic[…]

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Previously we’ve looked at how managers can enhance the wellbeing of their staff in the work environment but a question that is often left unasked and unanswered is what responsibility the individual has in this. Okay, let me ask this question in another way.   What responsibility do you think YOU have for your wellbeing?[…]

Spreading the word – NOW is the time to build your skills in resilience

Whenever I get an opportunity to talk about the importance of building resilience skills to a group of professionals – I take it. It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to Lawyers, Accountants, Vets or Entrepreneurs, the messages are the same and they are needed more now than ever before. At a time when the pace[…]