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Previously we’ve looked at how managers can enhance the wellbeing of their staff in the work environment but a question that is often left unasked and unanswered is what responsibility the individual has in this.
Okay, let me ask this question in another way.


What responsibility do you think YOU have for your wellbeing?

It would be much easier if we could split our lives up into two parts: ‘wellbeing when at work’ and we could assign that bit to our employer and then ‘wellbeing when away from work’ and we could take personal responsibility for this part.

These two areas are so entwined that it can be difficult to unravel them. Think how just one thing you do at home such as having a very late night can impact on your ability at work the next day. If you have a physically demanding job lack of sleep might become apparent more quickly, but office-based jobs need you to be alert too. Tiredness can make us grumpy and no fun to be around.

Whilst employers have a legal duty for our wellbeing in the workplace, I do think we, as individuals have a moral duty to ourselves. I’ll explain why in a minute but first to say that I’m assuming we are talking of employers who don’t over-burden their staff with unrealistic timelines and demands. So with this backdrop, why do I feel we have a moral duty to ourselves?


Putting my neck out here

Over the course of our working lives, we generally work for more than one employer. To gain wider experience many people, especially at the start of their careers try to move jobs every 3 to 5 years.

The only common denominator being YOU. You are the one who is moving from one employer to another.


How can we hold one employer responsible for our wellness over another?

No matter what the external work situation, we need to take the lion’s share of the responsibility when it comes to our wellbeing. It’s too important to leave to anyone else.


How do you begin to weave wellbeing into daily life?

It’s easy to be swept away by our busy lives. Constantly on the go, and almost feeling guilty when we sit still. It may help to know that this is exactly what my clients say they feel. They don’t want to feel this way and they know they need to do something different, they just aren’t sure what that is.


Let me share what I do

Please don’t expect anything earth-shattering here, this is simply what I do. It works for me. See if something similar might work for you.

  • Start the day with a positive frame of mind
  • Move my body so that I connect mind with body. I do a combination of Tai Chi/Yoga and general stretches.
  • Find some way of raising my energy level. Read or watch something inspiring and uplifting or write in my journal about something that happened.

My wellbeing is important to me that’s why I commit to these activities, they are habits for me now. The interesting thing is how little time they take! But my, what a difference they make to how my day plays out.


What do you do?

It might not be at the start of the day that you focus on your wellbeing. Go ahead and share below just one or two things you do and when you do them.

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