6 steps to create more balance in your life

Time ticks by and the years fly

New Year’s parties soon followed by Christmas dos. Before we know it we won’t be able to do the things we can today!

It can feel good to reflect on the journey we’ve taken in life up ’till now or the one ahead. It’s easy in the busyness of life to lose our perspective and balance. There are many tools you can use but a popular one used by Coaches is the Balanced Wheel.  It’s easy to use and provides a pictorial representation of how you view life, more importantly the area(s) you want to focus on in the future become starkly obvious. You can do this activity at any time of year, you don’t have to wait until the end or beginning of a year.

How to create your own ‘balanced wheel’ 


Think about the various aspects or categories of your life and give them labels. Some examples might include;  work/friends/finances/me-time/physical health/ husband/ family life (immediate)/extended family/ hobbies/etc.

These labels need to make sense for you, you may have any number (but the wheel here has space for 8 so you may need to adjust it accordingly).

1) Draw a version of the Balanced Wheel on a piece of paper, write your labels against the legend, so, under 1st area you might have ‘work’, under 2nd area ‘friends’ etc.
2) Check that the labels you have chosen reflect your whole life, is there a segment missing that you wish you had? If so, add it.
3) Then mark up 0 in the center and 10 on the outer sector of each coloured segment.
4) Next score each segment on how you view your life at present on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the best it could be). Make a mark on each segment to represent the score you gave.
5) Join up your markings, one section to the next until you have drawn your own inner wheel.
6) Now for the interesting part, interpret the balance of your ‘wheel’ and think which areas of your life you would like to make changes to.  Remember, this needs only make sense to you.

 Here are some questions that may help you at this stage;– How good (content, happy etc.) do I feel about my life?
– How good (content, happy etc.) do I feel about each particular segment of my life?
– Which area of my life am I not paying enough attention to? What easy measure(s) can I take to make this sector more fulfilling?

It’s wise to only focus on making changes to one or possibly two areas of your life at a time because it can be hard to make changes that are sustainable – focus on just a couple of things and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Other ways to use the ‘wheel’ 

– if you have a partner, consider doing this exercise together.
– If you have children, there might be an area you can all tackle together, especially one where you need to get them on-board or one that affects them.
– Repeat in 6 months or whenever you feel ‘stuck’.
– You may find it helpful to also mark up your ideal ‘score’ for the segments and then identify things you can do to bridge the gaps.

I would be interested to hear back from you, especially if this is the first time you have used this tool. Let me know how it worked for you in the reply box below.


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