Do you allow yourself to dream big? I did

The most successful people are those who have a vision of what they want in their lives. As part of my  Resilience and Wellbeing programme, participants work on setting action plans to make their visions a reality. But without that first step set in the right direction, we could end up anywhere, and many of us do. To make sure we arrive on target, we need a clear vision of where we want to be.Rainbow eye

So what I want you to focus on now is allowing yourself to have the vision, the dream. This technique has worked for me and many other managers I’ve coached. Let yourself dream big. Vision what you would like to have your life looking, sounding and even smelling like.


Rewards and enthusiasm make life fun

I want to share that whenever I run this exercise as part of the Resilience and wellbeing programme it generates lots of enthusiasm. It is this enthusiasm that helps make things happen and helps you stick to the action plans you will need to put in place to ensure success.

Here I simply want you to focus on how you will reward yourself. Reward yourself when you do things you’ve put off for a while. Reward yourself with goodwill and in whatever way you decide is best for you.


Life is an excuse to celebrate

Rainbow manI know some of us love an excuse to party, whilst others who are more reserved in nature may shy away from marking important milestones. Celebrate in whatever way suits you. Mark achievements with tea and cake with a special friend or a full blown party with banners. Acknowledge you’ve reached a milestone on the path, celebrate following your vision.


Actions for you:

  • have fun deciding what reward you will give yourself when you reach certain milestones
  • mark big and small steps towards your vision
  • allow yourself to dream big

And as always, I’d love to hear in the comments box below how this post resonates with you – in your own word 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Do you allow yourself to dream big? I did

  • GREAT suggestions — it’s so important to have a target to hit and many coaches don’t highlight the importance of celebrating success ALONG THE WAY as you hit milestones. I bet your workshop is terrific Shari!!

    • Thanks Nancy. It’s true isn’t it, you need to celebrate along the way – how else do you stay motivated on the target?

      The out comes to that workshop ARE pretty amazing and now the new online programme is getting great reviews too (I’ve linked them here for anyone to see).
      I appreciate your encouragement!

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