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I’m excited to announce I have something new for all of you today – and it’s free!

You may have previously downloaded my Cheatsheet for Increasing Wellbeing & Resilience.

When I launched my new website, I also updated the Cheatsheet to make it a full-blown eBook.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Stress, Stop Feeling Overhelmed at Work, and Get Your Life Back has:

  • 15 pages chock-full of tips for getting your life back
  • Step-by-step support as you identify how you want to change
  • An action plan so you can hold yourself accountable for increasing your wellbeing and resilience

Download my New & Improved eBook!

What’s inside my free wellbeing and resilience eBook

This little gem will take you around 20 minutes to work through. Yes, you will need to work through it, not just read it.

If you just groaned and thought, “I don’t have 20 minutes to spare, Shari!” then you need this book straight away. Stop reading this post and download the eBook!

By the end of the book you will:

  • Know the areas you need to be making changes in to make a difference to your life
  • Have specific actions/activities you want try for yourself, and in case you’re in a rut and can’t think of anything appropriate, I give you examples
  • Have a way of logging what you’re committing to and be able to keep a track of your progress.

If life’s got the better of you recently and you’re feeling down-trodden or overwhelmed, this post could be arriving at the perfect time for you.

Download 7 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Stress, Stop Feeling Overwhelmed at Work, and Get Your Life Back


When you’re not feeling particularly resourceful or strong from the inside, it can seem hard to take the first step. But rest assured, others have been where you are now. They too, struggled to see where they should start, but by following the steps laid out in the eBook you will be moving in the right direction.


Download the Free eBook & Get Your Life Back!

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