Managing change well

Why is it that so many change initiatives or projects fail? The figures vary but it’s around 70%. A sobering thought.

Can ‘change’ really be so difficult to get right?

At its simplest, we can think of change in two areas; the process and the people. The first of these is traditionally done quite well. The future vision is thought through by the leaders, the plans around what needs to be done, when and by whom are often given the time they deserve. The second part, the people aspects are where things fall down.

Change must be seen in terms of winning ‘hearts and minds’ and due effort and resource in this area is what can lead to success. The communication around the change needs to be open, honest and consistent, a hard thing to achieve in large organisations.

Some would argue that putting effort into winning hearts and minds is a luxury, I would argue differently. Understanding how change, or to be more precise, uncertainty affects people is important.  People can become dis-engaged easily and quickly during periods of change. 

Winning hearts and minds is not a soft issue, it feeds directly into productivity and has been measured.

I would be interested to hear your views on this emotive subject. Do you feel change is handled well in your organisation or not? What simple things could be done better to keep staff engaged? Please rest assured that your views will not be made public. Contact me here.