Follow the Leader, be the Leader

If Leaders were born

leader-managerIf Leaders were born, the rest of us could give up. They aren’t born! That myth is just one way those with ‘power’ keep it for themselves. Let me tell you, that Leaders are NOT born, they are nurtured and made.  So that’s to say the new leader on the block can be YOU.



In YOUR image

Once and for all let’s get rid of the idea that you have to be particularly charismatic, extrovert or the life and soul of the party to be a good Leader. If you are managing people, you will, to some extent already be a Leader. How much you can lead will depend on the nature of your role for sure, but one way or another you are already leading.


Create the vision and they will follow

People are hungry for good leadership in every walk of life. Most of us are just waiting for someone to put their stake in the ground, talk from the heart, and lead us. Take the leap and take the lead. In the work place, you already have ‘followers’, what is needed is your leadership vision. Lead by your good example, trust yourself so your staff can trust you too. If you need ideas on how to do this, here’s a link to an earlier post.


A quick puzzle for you

Most people who have staff reporting to them are comfortable thinking of themselves as ‘managers’ but not as ‘leaders’. Why is this do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Follow the Leader, be the Leader

  • I think people who have staff reporting to them are comfortable thinking of themselves as ‘managers’ rather than ‘leaders’ because:

    + learning delivery concentrates on ‘management development’
    + when we think of leaders we think of famous people; and many people won’t become famous
    + or we think of senior managers in our organisations

    I believe leadership can appear at any level of the organisation, actually you don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. And if we relate leadership to people we know (inside and outside of work) we can relate to the idea of being a leader much more comfortably.

    • Well put Robert. Strange why there is this difference though; could it be that within organisations, managers feel more restrained (in terms of seeing themselves as Leaders) whereas out side of work boundaries are less rigid or formal?

      I agree that leadership can be found at any level within an organisation, it becomes a function/behaviour that people take on.

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