Her very own fairy dust

This week’s post is a little out of the ordinary. It’s not to do with the perspective of busy professionals or corporate working-life. This week I go heart-to-heart and tell you about a special relationship in my life.

Her very own fairy dust

(Tell me how this lands with you, you know I want your feedback. And many of you know I write to respond to your specific questions :)).


I’m meeting up with someone later this week who I just LOVE being with. Let’s call her Jill.

We met briefly through work and quickly realised we were good for each other; we nurture each other. Over a very short period of time we became friends, and I’m still trying to figure out how such a deep friendship can happen so quickly.

You see, the kind of excitement I feel even when I think of meeting up with her, is like waiting for the tooth fairy when you’re seven. fairy-pixabay


It’s going to be magical!



Right from the first embrace that ‘Hi, I’ve missed you’, that hug or handshake. The warmth of your greeting tells the other party a lot about you and how much they should invest in your relationship. Ours is always a hearty hug.

At work we learn to ‘listen actively’ and yes, absolutely it is a skill you can learn.

But, oh my, when you see this in its ‘natural state’. To be listened to, to the exclusion of all other distractions makes you feel heard and understood; as though with a flick of her fairy wand, wand-pixabay

only what you have to say matters at this moment.

But ours is not a friendship that skirts difficult topics, we prod and poke and challenge. Yet despite how hard we push each other, and how heated our discussions get, I’m always surprised at how balanced and ‘appropriate’ Jill’s responses are (though not sure that is the right word). She doesn’t get offended because she can see my objections are about the idea, the concept and not a personal criticism of her.

Her open-hearted generosity is breath-taking and humbling. She doesn’t see the need to ‘win’ in conversations, they are shared journeys, I see them as adventures.

There is a deep-seated trust between us. A binding respectful contract, of unwritten and unspoken words. And we each know that we hold a special place in the others’ heart.


Having said this post was nothing to do with work, I find it really is. The best working relationships I’ve had, have ALL had these elements to varying degree.


So, I’m meeting Jill later in the week – lucky me.


Over to you

I’m wondering if you have someone (at work or home, other than a partner) who has their own brand of fairy dust. What do they do to make you feel special?



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