Why Agility is the way forward for both individuals and organisations

Whether you look at the public or private sector, it’s a challenging time. The recession continues and forces organisations to make tough choices. The hope was a few years ago that by now we would have seen the worst of it, some say we have; others say the worst is yet to come. It’s a grim picture if you look too closely.

This is an image from Trainsform; inspiring development solutionsAnd yet, life goes on. Organisations become more streamlined, cutting wastage but sometimes to the bone. For individuals too, it’s becoming a more frugal existence, but still life carries on. No one is able to stop what is happening, the only thing in our power is choosing how we respond.

In their own ways organisations and the people within them need to learn to remain adaptable and be able to bend and respond (without stress) to the needs of the business. It will be the organisations who are agile, responding to the changing needs of the external environment who will be left standing after this recession.

If you are looking to build a more robust and agile workforce; one that focuses on productivity even during these hard time – I can help.

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