Luck – or Effort?

Do you believe in luck I wonder? Or do things turn out depending on the effort you put in?

I’ve been watching Lucky Man, a crime action-thriller starring James Nesbitt as a brilliant but flawed cop (named Harry) – who can control luck. Harry just can’t lose and he knows it, so long as he wears the mysterious lucky bracelet.

trainsform luck effort

In life we see people around us who seem to have luck on their side. They seem to have it all, good times, money, friends (you can replace these for the things YOU desire). In the plot of Lucky Manthere’s a suggestion that if someone has luck on their side, it’s at the expense of someone else.

Now there’s something to mull over. Could there be a ying/yang aspect to this? If I am lucky, someone else, somewhere will be unlucky.

Of course we can extend this thinking to; if I am happy then …, if I am successful then…, if I am healthy… etc.

Before you drench this idea with cold water, you should know there are many who hold it.

Thinking like this is from a model of scarcity. It goes something like this, there’s only so much of any resource to go round and once it’s divided up, there is no more. (I do hope you’re not being persuaded.)

You see, there’s no place for this kind of thinking in my world. I’d replace the word luck with conditions or circumstance. So if you put the work in but you don’t get the results others get, the missing ingredient isn’t luck it’s circumstance.

It reminds me of an image I saw on LinkedIn recently.

trainsform luck effort 2

When we see the success of others we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We seldom see the road that’s got them there with it’s disappointments, failures and hard work.

Maybe we are all lucky, just at different times.

‘But what about the bracelet’ you ask. Well I suppose one person’s bracelet is another person’s four-leaf clover. It’s a mental hook or superstition and if it helps you think you’ll have luck, use it.


Image Credit

Lucky?!” by Flickr user Benny Mazur is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Iceberg Illusion” by Flickr user sylviaduckworth is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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