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All organizations need a well-trained workforce.

Ensure your people have the right skills and behaviors for where your organization is today and for the future. My top 4 programmes are:

your organization is today and for the future


Icons-trainsform-01Change and Resilience Workshops

Preparing for organisational and individual agility

Resilience in the face of change is a business-critical skill in the workplace. Help your staff to take change in their stride, your managers to manage change with confidence, and both managers and staff to ensure they are strong from the inside and able to face the future as it unfolds.

I run half-day and full-day workshops like these:

  • Dealing with Change explores workplace change, and how staff can respond in more positive ways
  • Resilience is a powerful workshop restoring workplace resilience and work-life balance, using effective coaching tools
  • Successful Management of Change helps line managers understand change and successfully manage it within their team

“Working with Shari has enabled us to take the desired steps to building a Company vision and a set of behaviours with which we can work and adhere to. She facilitated and steered with skill and passion and we are most grateful for her terrific input thus far. So much so, we’ve asked her to do the same for our sister company.” Oliver Thain, Director and Co-founder – Cambscuisine

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Icons-trainsform-01Development Programme for Managers

Empower your managers to manage with real impact

Engaged managers lead and empower their staff, inspiring them to give their very best every day. Can you really afford to run your business with disengaged managers?
The Development Programme for Managers is an intensive bespoke programme that runs over 9-12 months, and is ideal for first-tier managers. Individuals will find the programme:

  • Transforms their behaviours and engagement with their teams
  • Makes them want to step outside their comfort zone
  • Gets them managing their staff in much more effective ways

“The programme has given me the confidence to manage my team in a rapidly changing environment as well as challenge me to increase my comfort zone. Shari has an extensive, excellent knowledge of the subject.” Martyn Wardle, Operations Manager (Benefits), Anglia Revenues Partnership

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Icons-trainsform-01Executive and Team Coaching

Expert one-to-one coaching sessions for senior leaders and their teams

During coaching sessions I work with individuals, to bring about real transformation. The agenda is yours: what do you want to change?

  • Communicating more effectively with others
  • Restoring and maintaining your work-life balance
  • Taking control and becoming more assertive

The list goes on and on. You set the pace and the agenda.


“Coaching gave me the leadership skills I needed, during a turbulent phase for the business, to maintain the delivery of projects that had huge financial impact for us. We delivered on all of them because I was so well supported through the coaching. I have also gained the confidence and skills I need to continue to lead this reshaped company to our future.” Esther Ferry-Kennington, Executive Director – Horse and Bamboo

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Icons-trainsform-01Online Resilience Building Programme

I’ve delivered and perfected my popular Resilience and Wellbeing training programme over the last five years. I’ve finally made it available online so you can take the five-week course from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  • Five modules delivered over five weeks
  • Read, watch, or listen to each module depending on the format you prefer
  • Complete weekly “homework” and receive evaluations and tips from me
  • Download the entire programme when you’re done so you can review whenever you need a boost

“A truly helpful aspect of this training has been having Shari’s support and guidance throughout. Instead of feeling like I had to deal with all my challenges alone, I felt I had someone I could reach out to if I needed, that was genuinely invested in my success, in this process of achieving what I consider important to me. I felt empowered as a result of having been through this programme.” – RV Media Consultant/ Producer

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