Why don’t I feel good enough?

Once upon a time we all felt we were good enough. We were happy in our selves. We didn’t need to justify our existence. Maybe this was before we had consciousness of a separate existence.
We breathed with ease.

Was that reality or a childhood memory?

It can be today’s reality if you work on removing the blocks. You know, those little things that keep reminding you that you are not worthy. Not worthy of someone’s kindness, attention, time or love. Not worthy because you didn’t get that job, not worthy because you weren’t chosen as a lover.

Not worthy of all that you have when others’ have so little.

Don’t waste too much time analysing why you feel the way you do. Just commit to changing it.

Life can be good if we learn to love it. But this learning has to start somewhere. You will have heard the saying that you have to love yourself before you can fully love others. Start there, with yourself.

We are all absolutely good enough. Here’s a poem to prove it!

Good enough


If I believed I was good enough.
I’d be able to take the smooth with the rough.trainers
I’d accept myself just as I am and introduce you to my cockney mum.
I’d paint in watercolours whilst I did my sums

If I believed I mattered as much as you.
I’d be kind to myself.
I’d lace up my shoes before I did yours for you.
We wouldn’t trip up.
On our way up the apples and pears.
We would dance as though we hadn’t a care

Grabbing life .
Taking that chance.
At every step.
Increasing in resilience

ShamshadPoem written by Shamshad Khan.
Poet/Community Development and Workshop Facilitator

Also Associate Trainer at Trainsform



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