Privileged position of manager series

Over the next few months our blogging focus will be on the privileged position of being a ‘manager’.  We’ll use the term ‘manager’ loosely to include anyone who is responsible for staff either directly or indirectly.

Both Shamshad (my Associate at Trainsform) and I will be putting our heads together for this series.


We’ve been getting some wonderful comments from our readers (that’s YOU) telling us you like the short posts (because you’re busy!), the quirky style and tips. Thank you, this is so helpful to know.


Introducing the series

Think back to the first job you had where you had the responsibility for someone, may be it was for one person, maybe a team.  Remember how it felt? The feeling of responsibility was palpable you almost questioned if you could live up to it. Feeling humble and grateful, feeling valued and important. Doing your absolute best to be a good manager. The heady first days of being a manager may be a distant glow in the past for you now. You’ve been at the coal-face, you’ve earned your place and your title. But what have you lost on the way I wonder?


Because time can dull the shiniest metal, take the edge off the highest highs…rusty metal - pixabay

and because complacency can set in for any of us. How would it be if you could keep all the experience you’ve earned over the years and get back the magic of those first months in management? The excitement, the challenge and the wonder?

You see, I think having responsibility for staff is not to be taken lightly. In a sense we have their lives in our hands. There is a statistic that tells us that, after the CEO, the most significant person to an employee is their Line Manager. That’s some responsibility and it’s often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the day job. By you, but not by your staff.


What it’s about

The aim of this series of blogs is to re-ignite the leadership fire in you. To help temper the fire we’ll be taking you right back to your best and worst managers, reminding you of the impact good management can make.  We will bring you right up to date with the hottest best management practice, so you can be sure to create a warm and positive legacy. It doesn’t matter how long in the tooth you are, what matters here is that you are open and willing to change. And why wouldn’t you be when there’s the promise of injecting a little excitement back into your role? Up for the challenge? Then set aside that 5 to 10 minutes every other Tuesday morning to make the most of your privileged role.


Help mould the series

If you’d like us to include any specific aspects in this series, you can leave a comment below or drop us an email at otherwise we’ll catch up with you in 2 weeks time.

Feel free to share this link with others it may help.


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