Residential Resilience Week-end


Resilience Retreat

Purposely create more of the life you want

Friday 10th July (6pm) to Sunday 12th July (4pm) 2020


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Are you so busy you forget to enjoy life?

The pressures of work and life can feel overwhelming. This rejuvenating resilience retreat is designed to support anyone who is feeling overworked and has lost balance in their lives. With guidance from experts in their fields you will learn how to take action to make your work and life more rewarding and fun. In a beautiful private setting there will be time for you to reconnect with yourself and what you want in life. You will join a small group of like-minded professionals to discover how to establish a better work-life balance. This unique retreat is open to individuals from academia, the public and private sectors and creative industries.

How will it help me?

The course will give you the tools to become more resilient and purposeful in creating the life you want.  It equips you with the skills to change your responses when things don’t go according to plan. The residential will allow you time to look at your life from a more positive perspective. By the end of the retreat you can expect to feel invigorated, calmer and clearer about your life choices.

Together we will practice invigorating techniques that you can benefit from immediately and for years to come. There will be trainer-led sessions and small group discussions. Through talks, practical exercises and action-planning we will cover topics including:

  • Identifying blocks to your success
  • Rejuvenating work/life balance
  • Mindful skills for work and home

“Each activity is focused on what YOU need from it”.

The Venue

The course will be delivered at a private venue located close to the center of Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. We will send you directions when you register.

This peaceful self-contained venue is set in its own beautiful grounds, with meditation room, quiet spaces and gardens. There is wheelchair access to all communal areas and ground floor bedrooms.

This retreat center is the perfect place to allow yourself the luxury of time to  reflect on your life and be nourished.


The event will be co-delivered with Trainsform Associate trainer Shamshad Khan.

As a creative workshop facilitator and an Employment Tribunal lay member Shamshad brings together an exciting set of skills and experience. She combines her understanding of the pressures of the workplace with creative antidotes to help manage stress and overwhelm.

This Resilience Residential Retreat builds on our one day Resilience Workshop. It is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen and extend their resilience skills. It is desirable, not essential to have either attended our one day resilience skills workshop or worked with us 1-2-1.

Together Shamshad and I create a safe and inspiring space where you can be supported and encouraged to step up.


Here’s a taste of how we’ve supported others in the past:

“Shamshad created and held a very supportive and welcoming space to explore and challenge our current beliefs and practices relating to resilience, work/life balance and other challenges. It was good to slow down and take time to invest in myself, my work, my health. Lots to think about and put into action. I’d recommend it for people with busy lives who feel stressed as some of the exercise are very calming and centre you.“

Brush Stroke Order, June 2019

“The resilience course was very relaxing and uplifting, and an outside eye to hold up a light for you. I got the chance to reflect on my approach at work. I realised that I don’t need other people’s approval. I am strong and I have to show it in the way I treat people at work. One to one work with Shamshad is priceless.”

Fereshteh Mozaffari, Creative Director of Sheba Arts, writer and theatre maker, January 2019

“Before attending Shari’s workshop, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by change in my working environment and also change in my personal life. Unfortunately, both things coincided resulting in a sinking feeling. Attending the workshop has enabled me to step back and look at things afresh. This has given me clarity of mind, greater focus, and has energized me to take further action.”

Sue Smith –  Director. Alpha Costs Consultants Ltd.What’s included?



• Pre-attendance materials
• Morning mindfulness practice
• 2 days of resilience tuition with handouts
• Small group sharing
• all meals and refreshments(vegetarian options available)
• 2 nights’ accommodation (own room with washbasin)
• rest and relaxation time
• on-site parking / free Wi-Fi.

The residential begins with a welcome on Friday 10th July at 6pm and ends on Sunday 12th July at 4pm. To get the most from this course we strongly recommend delegates attend for the full duration.


  • £425 per person fully inclusive.
  • valuable investment in your well-being (equivalent workshops from other providers range from £600 to £1,500)
  • If it’s helpful to pay in installments, please get in touch


A maximum of 10 delegates –  creates an intimate and safe learning environment. Book your place now to avoid disappointment and to receive your pre-course content for maximum benefit.

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Any questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs please feel free to contact me.

When you are open to change and willing to talk about how things are for you, quick change is possible. You will spend the week-end learning more about the way you do things currently and why this isn’t working for you. Then, throughout the week-end, you will be supported and encouraged in a non-judgmental way to think deeply and differently. You will plan your actions in detail and start practicing doing things differently from day one.

Here are our Terms and Conditions so you can book with confidence.


If you would like more information about this residential resilience course before you book your place please read on.


Is this RESIDENTIAL really for me?

This residential is perfect for anyone who wants to change things in their life and is ready to take action. These changes can be work or home-life related. As part of this course we will ask delegates to tell us the main challenges they face. This will help us create a tailored programme for you.


This workshop is for you if you:

  • are looking for ways to become more satisfied in life
  • want tools and techniques that allow you to positively connect with yourself
  • want ways to look at life differently and to make the change you want
  • want to learn the skills to look after yourself without feeling guilty

Some delegates want more calmness or balance in their lives, others want to totally change a particular aspect of their live. You can decide on the areas you want to focus on and the workshop with its depth and richness will support you.

During this week-end retreat you will be guided through the agenda with time built in for small group work and heart-to-heart, 1-2-1 sharing. There will be space and time to help you feel refreshed. The work we will do on your action plan will give you clarity and a renewed enthusiasm for your approach to work and life. ” You must be willing and ready to make changes to the way you currently think and do things, that is the only way you will get things to change around you – come and learn how”

Feel free to contact me if you are still not sure if this workshop is for you.


What can I expect if I decide to attend?

Once you’ve decided to attend we ask you to reserve your place (link at top and bottom of this page). Once your payment has been received and confirmed you can relax in the knowledge that your place is secured.

There are a maximum of 10 places on this workshop so book soon if you intend to come.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire so that we can ensure the content we deliver is tailored to your needs.

Then 2 weeks before the workshop you will receive an email explaining how to get the best from the workshop and about the pre-course work we ask you to do before you attend. Don’t worry, we guide you step-by-step through what to do.


Deciding to commit

If you are still undecided then take a little time think. Do you want to:

  • spend a week-end in the company of people who are on the same ‘mission’ as you.
  • feel uplifted and supported and
  • leave with a renewed expectation about life.

We will have time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as part of this very special week-end of self-care.

Shamshad and I have had so many satisfied participants on our workshops that we’re confident you will be one too if you decide to attend. To help you make the decision, read our Terms and Conditions here.

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