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Are you stressed at work?

Work and life are so busy

Life is busy, very busy for most of us. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you have a job in a large or small company or whether you’re self-employed or currently looking for work.  Life’s challenges seem to find a way to get to us all.

Demands from our employers, our customers and let’s face it, even ourselves keep piling up. The busyness of work and home life has us living on a knife’s edge most of the time.

Want to do more than just survive?

We can see that in order to survive in today’s busy landscape we need to be flexible, adaptable and responsive. But I want you and me to do more than just survive! It is my deepest belief that we are all capable of so much more. We should not only survive but flourish too. This Resilience Skills workshop will help you to get things back into focus and perspective and become more productive.


“I cannot recommend enough the benefits of the resilience workshop for anyone working in a high pressure environment, the day helps to put life’s conflicting pressures and needs into clear perspective.  If you just act on two personal outcomes from the day there is a potential for amazing results.”    Jason Richardson – Leisure Service Manager

What does the Resilience Skills workshop cover?

Often we go on training courses to learn technical skills; how to give a better presentation, how to write well, use an application etc. This workshop is deeper, it deals with our behaviours. It is much more about realising where you are in your life (work and home). Looking at the challenges you face and providing you with tools that will reduce the stresses of modern day work and life.

So, by attending this one-day workshop you will;

  • Get tips on how to take life in your stride at work (and at home)
  • Learn skills for becoming more resilient (stronger from the inside!)
  • Take time to stop and re-consider some of the choices you make
  • Use tools that will help you overcome some of the things you are currently struggling with
  • Even get ideas on how to support others from feeling over-whelmed
  • Leave with a plan of action that will work for you

Here’s why you should consider attending this workshop.

  • We only run this workshop for a maximun of 6 people at a time
  • With such small numbers you can be assured of quality attention
  • We create an atmosphere of trust where people who want to share their thoughts feel truly able to do so.

We now also have an ONLINE version of this workshop which we run a few times a year.

Is this WORKSHOP really for me?

  • If you’ve read this far, the chances are this workshop is going to be right for you.
  • Over four hundred people have already benefited from attending this workshop, you could too.

“It gave tips and tricks on how to skill my inner self to maintain a positive and controlled perspective on the challenges facing my work, along with appropriate balance with that of my home life. Really enjoyed it. Delivered in an excellent way to the benefit of all participants”                                                                                                      Delegate 2013

Feel free to contact me if you are still not sure if this workshop is for you.

What can I expect if I decide to attend?

Once you’ve decided to attend I ask you to book your place and make payment.  You can do that from here. Once this is done, you’ll get a confirmation from us. You can then relax in the knowledge that your place is secured.

Then 2 weeks before the workshop you will receive the Joining Instructions by email. These will tell you how to get the best from the workshop and about the pre-course work you need to do before you attend. Don’t worry, we guide you step-by-step through what you need to do.

Then at the workshop, expect something special. It will be a full-on day (9:30 – 16:30) and most participants say they feel exhilarated but exhausted at the end of it!

Here’s how some delegates summarised the day;

‘Powerful’   ‘Excellent’   ‘Eye-opening’   ‘Encouraging – gave me courage’

‘More insights in 1 day than 3 years of counseling’

Various delegates 2017

‘Highly thought-provoking with powerful content condensed in one day with an on-going action-plan and exposure to realistic techniques to accomplish your aims/targets.’

Geetika Bhatia – Accounts and Audit team

We issue you with your own workbook and hand outs. A buffet lunch is also provided.

Deciding to commit

If you are still undecided then just think if you want to;

  • Learn ways to feel more in control of your work and home life and more positive about the future?
  • Attend a powerful workshop on a personal level (you decide how much detail you want to share. We only have a maximum of 6 delegates so we have time to focus on what matters to you.)
  • Re-gain some balance in your life, and feel more fulfilled as a result.

“Thought provoking, helps to put things into perspective and focus on what is important.”Delegate 2014

We have had so many satisfied participants on this workshop that we’re pretty sure you will be one too if you decide to attend. To help you make the decision, read our Terms and Conditions here.

Life should be so much more than just surviving day in day out. We should feel the goodness of the world around us, even temporarily every day, even whilst we are focussed on work.  Get back in touch with some of the magic you felt earlier in life (before you became a serious grown-up). Book now and join us for the day and re-learn how to flourish and not just survive.

Warning: this is NOT a ‘soft’ option workshop. It is very practical and outcomes focused.

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