The view from an open mind is breath taking

Our ideas and positions about particular issues are developed through our past experiences and knowledge. Though carefully considered and relevant at the time they were set, these views can become blocks.

We need to be careful that we don’t become confined by views we have about ourselves, our staff or the world around us.  I find it liberating to know we don’t have to maintain the view we’ve taken in the past.

Watch those horizons expand

sunset-breathtaking 2Open mindedness is a feature of being more adaptable, and generates opportunities for any given situation. This open state of mind gives ourselves and others the permission to think and be different, permission to expand our horizons.

Open mindedness is important if we want ourselves to develop as good managers and for our staff to evolve and grow in confidence and skill.


Open your mind to possibility

Allow yourself the opportunity to entertain an alternative perspective or way of responding. Having an open mind is a positive state of mind to be in. Positive people – have you noticed any closed minded ones? I expect not.

Staying open, means seeing things with a sense of possibility. possible-pixabay


The view from an open mind is breath taking – I suggest you take a peek.

  1. Think of the positive people you know, notice how open minded they are.
  2. Think of something or someone you hold a strong (negative) view about- how would things look if you gave yourself permission to think more openly about them or it?
  3. Humour helps us stay open minded. Try reframe your view- see the funny side of a difficult situation.


What happens when you think like this?

Encourage yourself to try out these three steps right now. What do you notice, almost immediately? Let me know what you think in the box below.


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2 thoughts on “The view from an open mind is breath taking

  • Re-framing I find gets harder the older I get! Perhaps because I have more baggage!? Your short article is well timed and has prompted me to think of the importance of humour, maintaining an open mind and trying to stop those negative thoughts ruling outcomes. I also find a regular break from work, a holiday or long weekend helps me realise what is important, and helps me reflect to re-frame. This reflection time is precious and mostly (for many managers I work with) non-existent – not healthy.

    • Yes, where does the notion that things get easier the older we get, come from? I also find certain things harder as the years go by.

      So pleased that the blog hit the mark for you. Seriously, if you think others would benefit from taking the 5 minutes out and reconnecting/re-framing then use it as a ‘training resource’. (Tell them about the sign up box at the top and bottom of the screen).
      At Trainsform we want all managers to be healthy and productive- how else can we expect them to give their best?
      Thanks for stopping by Robert.

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