What is resilience?

In this month of August, I thought I’d go back to basics on this topic of resilience. With the kids off school, many colleagues off on leave and others trying to hold the fort, we all have to dig a little deeper to keep afloat.


It’s interesting to ask people what they understand by resilience during tougher times.

Here are just three responses:

  • Being able to cope with everything that’s going on in my life
  • The ability to quickly bounce back when I’m thrown off track
  • Learning not to be phased by it all.

When we are under extra pressure we often behave differently, so it’s worth thinking beforehand how to cope in particularly stressful situations. Some might say that’s a luxury.


I believe it’s a necessity for any manager or leader in the workplace.

A manager who doesn’t have coping strategies soon loses respect from their team. An occasional blip might be tolerated but an ongoing lack of inner strength will not.
Resilience has quickly become a necessary management skill and a key ingredient for success.


There are usually two parts to resilience, the first part is concerned with coping, dealing with, or surviving the ‘situation’. The second part is what happens after the ‘event’.

So here you might hear words like flourishing, thriving or blossoming. So a work colleague would be building their resiliency when they take on a task they wouldn’t normally do, especially when it is something that stretches them (assuming they have the necessary support/training when they need it).

The outcome may vary but you would expect to find some increase in their confidence in the task. More often we find the confidence transfers to other aspects of their work.
In the same way, a manager who deals with the summer rush at work, with a reduced team learns how to work through the discomfort and grows in confidence as a result.


Over to you
What are the things you do to help your team build their resilience skills?

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