What IS work doing to us!

kay, so most of us need to work to some extent, to pay the bills. If we didn’t work, we’d have to radically alter our way of life and most people don’t consider that as an option.

Let’s put pay to one side, let’s assume if we work, we will be paid.

What is work doing to us

My interest is more around the other reasons why we work. Why we often make that commute, battle through traffic etc. what is it, (aside from pay) that makes us do this, day after day, year after year?


What other motivations do we have?

That’s why I was interested when I came across this TED talk by Psychologist Barry Schwartz.

In it he says the shape of the institutions or organisations we work in, molds our behaviours. Which throws up the question of how we design our places of work in the first place.

Click this link to watch the video.


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