Where do you get your inspiration from?

Work is play when you’re inspired. When things feel effortless; that spreadsheet finished – bing, that email replied to – bang, and that meeting all prepared for – bong. Feel’s great. Wonderful. In fact on good days like these you might find it hard to think it’s ever different.

shari khan postcard

Where do you get your inspiration on cold, grey days though? How do you get the oomph to keep going? When I’m dragging my heels there are several things I might do to kick-start myself.

Answers on a postcard please

I think I must keep every postcard I’ve been sent. They become more precious with time. They are hand-written, which feels luxurious in today’s world.

So when I’m looking for inspiration, the images on old post-cards might be enough to do this.

Here’s one from earlier. 

Just being is more than alright

Sometimes though, it’s the hand-full of wise words that jump-start things.

Sometimes all I do is close my eyes and feel the coolness of life running through me in streams of green, red and brilliant white.

Just being is more than alright.

Yes, I think it is too. Wonderful words to get me inspired.


Image credits

Bathing Beach and lake — At Fairy Stone State Park in Southeastern Virginia” by Flickr user Boston Public Library is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Other postcard is my own.

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