You are better than me at this

Are you a confident manager?  If so, you will be able to accept that members of your team are better at doing certain tasks than you are . In fact, if this is not the case, you may have a problem in the making.  Delegating properly means putting trust in your staff team, so they develop skills and expertise sometimes above and beyond your own.


Let me step aside

As a project or team develops the role of manager will become unsustainable if it doesn’t allow you as a manager to let go of certain tasks.

I have seen managers trying to hold on to both their role as manager and doers, they at some point end up frustrated and drained- it’s just a matter of time. 



Remind yourself what your role is as manager: it’s to do the overarching managing, taking the wider responsibility, but allowing your team to become experts in their niche jobs.


Please step up

Can you truly allow others to shine? Empowering others means stepping aside when it matters. steps-pixabayWhen it’s a task that you know how to do quickly and well this can be a real challenge. We seem to have a habitual need to show that we are competent, that’s the ego in action.  The real challenge is to show your team what a good manager does.

Can you delegate, coach and finally mentor your staff so they learn and prove to you and themselves that they are more than fit for the job? You might find this earlier blog helpful, it’s about how to get your staff to do their best work.



Something for you to try

Identify a task which you’ve been ‘holding onto’ for a while. Work out who and how best to delegate this. managing-staff


Then make sure you step aside fully to let someone else step up and shine.


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